10 Ways to Impress Home Buyers With Your Home Staging

10 Ways to Impress Home Buyers With Your Home Staging

  • Maggie Keats
  • 09/19/22

Finding the right Port Washington real estate agent is the first and most important step toward selling your home. The next is staging your property correctly. Both inside and out, you want a staging plan that highlights the very best features of your investment, downplays qualities that are less than appealing, and helps prospective buyers connect. If you want to impress home buyers and obtain large numbers of high-value offers, take advantage of the 10 staging strategies that follow.

1. Start with a thorough cleaning

elegant luxury home
Thorough cleaning goes far beyond vacuuming floors and corners and dusting out your pantry. Taking care of tedious, detailed work can make all the difference when it comes to selling a luxury property. The best way to ensure that no nooks or crannies are overlooked is by hiring professional estate cleaning services. They'll make sure that there's no dust, dirt, or other debris hiding in window tracks, behind appliances, or on closet shelves. Hiring professionals ensures that there aren't dust bunnies in the medicine cabinet or under the sink in the bathroom that you rarely use. You can also pay for grout cleaning services, appliance cleaning services, and dryer vent cleaning services.

It's also a good idea to make a list of essential improvements. A fresh coat of paint may prove far more effective than having the walls steamed or washed. Painting the interior of your home before staging will also give you the opportunity to replace overly bright color choices with subtle, neutral tones that really let your furnishings and other decor stand out.

2. Give outdoor areas as much attention as you give to indoor spaces

A serene outdoor setting adorned with bohemian furniture, creating a cozy living space.
Selling Sands Point luxury real estate or a luxury home in Port Washington is about more than convincing people that they love the architecture and the layout of the building's interior. Purchasing decisions are often made by prospective buyers even before they've stepped through the front door. Front, side, and backyards that are in serious disrepair can be as much of a turn-off as foundation issues.

General neglect outdoors can also set the stage for things like pest problems and moisture issues. This is especially true if they include lots of damp, organic debris or other things that allow moisture to collect at the base of the home. In northwest Washington areas, seasoned buyers are always on the lookout for moisture-related conditions that may undermine the value and integrity of homes.

When staging, always remember that the outside of your home is the very first thing that both buyers and passersby see. As such, staging your outdoor area entails more than:

  • Removing clutter
  • Having your lawn mowed and edged
  • Having trees limbed and shrubs pruned
  • Strategically placing potted or in-ground plants for aesthetics

3. Leave no room or nook untouched

Make sure that you aren't overlooking even the smallest and most remote areas of the building. Adding linens to your closets for staging purposes is an extra effort that's sure to impress. Hanging a plush robe or two in bedroom closets gives people a greater sense of spatial awareness and shows them how much each storage space can reasonably hold.

Even the laundry room in your home is worth staging. It should have a warm, inviting, and overall clean look. Adding a soft floor mat and a few simple works of art to this space is a step that many sellers forget to take. When your goal is to impress, thoroughness is a worthwhile tactic to employ.

4. Create a home office space

A tidy and organized home office space.
There are a number of Port Washington luxury homes for sale that have far more bedrooms than the average buyer is bound to use. You can stage the primary or master bedroom, a few children or teen rooms, and a guest room. However, if you've got a smaller, remaining bedroom that you aren't quite sure what to do with, consider staging it as a home office space. With more Washingtonians working remotely, the idea of a home with a comfortable, quiet office is appealing. If you have a small-sized room with a wonderful view, this may be the best one to use for this purpose.

5. Give your bathrooms the feel of a luxury hotel

A clean and luxurious bathroom exuding an elegant and refined aesthetic.
Invest in thick, luxurious floor mats, plush bathrobes to hang on the backs of doors, cozy slippers, and gorgeous, resort-quality towels. Stepping into your bathrooms should transport prospective buyers. You can further enhance these experiences with large, scented candles, bowls of potpourri or seashells, and visually captivating artwork.

6. Draw the eye upwards with floating shelves, wall sconces, and other vertical design elements

Floating shelves, displaying a stylish and minimalist storage solution.
Don't forget to make use of your vertical space. Hanging all paintings just at or below eye level is a rookie mistake. This can be especially problematic in homes that have vaulted or cathedral ceilings. You can balance out the look of every room by using floating shelves, wall sconces, and larger, higher-sitting works of art. If you need help determining the ideal placement for each piece, consider using staging software. Staging software is best-known for creating eye-catching, virtual tours of properties that have yet to be physically staged, but it can also be an important tool for refining your staging plan ahead of actually implementing it.

7. Add light, depth, and the illusion of greater space with mirrors

Mirrors are an invaluable staging tool. They can add light, depth, and the illusion of greater space when strategically placed throughout the home. Hanging a mirror directly opposite a large window is a great way to reflect natural light into a space area that feels dim or gloomy. You can also hang mirrors so that they display the image of adjoining hallways. If you have a room with a single, small-sized window, you can create the illusion of an additional, large window by hanging a mirror in a narrow space and then positioning a shelf or table directly in front of it. Large, decorative mirrors can also make for powerful statement pieces.

8. Design for more than just the eyes

Woman's hands delicately holding a scented candle, creating a soothing and aromatic ambiance.
Staging isn't just for creating a visually pleasing space. It should also activate and engage the other senses. This is especially important to bear in mind if you have hardwood floors and don't want buyers paying too much attention to their echoing footfalls, or if you have a large number of noise-generating appliances. Choose rugs and other elements for their sound-muting properties.

Add scented candles and other fresh-smelling decors that give your home an uplifting or comforting fragrance. When deciding upon the defining aroma for each room, remember the mood that you're hoping to evoke. Use citrus fragrances in bright, open spaces, and rich vanilla, cinnamon, or sandalwood smells in bathrooms, bedrooms, dens, and studies. As you work to create an emotional connection between prospective buyers and your property, sight, smell, sound, and even touch are all important senses to appeal to.

9. Make a big impression at the front entrance

The front entrance of a pristine and spacious house, reflecting a clean and inviting atmosphere.
Both inside and out, the entrance of your home should make a major statement. It should set the tone for what lies ahead and captivate prospective buyers before they walk in. As with everything else, start by clearing the cobwebs and dust away, then create a strategic staging plan. This can include ornate door hardware, potted plants, multi-layered lighting, and a gorgeous welcome mat. When buyers step into the foyer, have artwork, decorative mirrors, and hanging or potted plants. You can also set up a display area with coffee table books or other items that share important facts about the history of Port Washington, list the best local restaurants, or provide other details that might be of interest to those who are new to the region.

10. Add a touch of personality

There's a subtle yet important difference between depersonalizing a home and removing all traces of personality. Although prospective buyers are often turned off by spaces that are streamlined to reflect a seller's unique interests and hobbies, this doesn't mean that staging should leave your home looking sterile and lacking intrigue. Don't be afraid to infuse a small bit of yourself into your decor. After all, the features and attributes that attracted you to your home are likely to be the same ones that attract the next buyer.

Although sticking to neutral tones as the basis of your designs is smart, it's okay to add in a few colors that you love and to incorporate cherished design elements that you believe best showcase the natural beauty of the building.

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