5-Point Checklist to Follow Before Listing Your Home

5-Point Checklist to Follow Before Listing Your Home

  • Maggie Keats
  • 09/20/22

The selling process can get overwhelming, and with so many tasks to complete before you list, it’s easy to lose track of them all. This five-point checklist for your Port Washington or Sands Point home will help keep you organized. Before diving into the checklist, here’s why now is a great time to list your Port Washington or Sands Point home for sale.

Port Washington is right next to the Hudson River, and its waterside location is definitely a perk for buyers looking in the area. The median home price in the area has increased 7.9% since last year, which is great news for those selling their home. As a residential village within Port Washington, Sands River also benefits from a waterside location. The properties in the area have seen a 33.5% appreciation in the past decade, which buyers will notice when searching for a sound investment.

1. Decide if now’s the time to list

Before selling your Port Washington real estate, decide if now is the time to list your home. Check the local housing market and real estate trends in the area, and see what other houses similar to your property size and type are currently selling for. The median home price in Port Washington is $899,000, although you should account for your home’s size, condition, and location when evaluating its price.

Also think through personal factors before listing, like if you’re prepared to commit to the time and resources needed to sell. Some expenses to think about are costs related to repairs, agent’s fees, moving costs, as well as closing costs. Lastly, consider if you’re personally ready to leave your home. It’s common to feel an attachment to a place, but if you’re not ready to let go it can cause problems with the listing process.

2. Find the right agent

A step to make early in the process is to find the right agent. A local and experienced agent will have deep knowledge about surrounding Port Washington homes for sale. They’ll use this information to help you competitively price your home and create a listing that will intrigue buyers. An agent also understands what buyers are looking for in the area, and can help you change your home to align with their expectations. A real estate agent’s connection to other local buyers’ agents is valuable in attracting buyers to your home for showings.

An agent will also have several connections for services you may need during the selling process, such as a home inspector, constructor, or professional photographer. When you start receiving offers on your home, an agent will help you negotiate different offers, explain confusing paperwork before you sign it, and generally guide you through the selling and closing process.

3. Clean and declutter

When you’re preparing your Sands Point condo or other property to list, clean every room.  This shows buyers that you’ve taken care of the property and is more visually appealing. Start by vacuuming carpets and dust from corners or cabinets, removing stains from furniture and rugs, and sweeping and mopping floors. Also, try deodorizing rooms from any pet or food smells.

Next, declutter the inside of your home, especially spaces that may be smaller like a condo. Clutter makes a space look cramped, which deters buyers. Less mess also helps buyers to focus on the home itself, rather than stacks of magazines or a sink full of dirty dishes. Decide what you do and don’t need, then separate items into donations, things to sell, and things to throw away. To keep items you plan on moving with you out of the way, rent a storage unit.

4. Repair and renovate

Another important step to take before listing is to repair your home. This can make a big difference, especially if you’re trying to sell in a buyers’ market like Sands Point is currently. Although the median sold price is still 10.1% above what it was a year ago in the area (as of August 2022), buyers who have more options may overlook a home that isn’t as perfect as others. Consider getting a pre-home inspection to uncover larger issues related to the home’s roof or foundation.

Also complete small repairs like fixing sticky drawers, repainting a door or cabinets, and filling in holes in the walls. Small touches can make a big difference to a buyer’s perception of the home. If you plan on making upgrades, make sure to choose smartly. Unless your home is severely outdated, focus on small renovations with a positive ROI, such as replacing select hardware, re-staining hardwood floors, or renovating a hallway bathroom.

5. Stage select areas

Focus on the aesthetics and ambiance of your home by staging select areas. Start with your home’s exterior, as that’s the first part of your Port Washington real estate that buyers see. Tidy up landscaping by trimming shrubs and trees, mowing the lawn or replacing the mulch, and sweeping off walkways and driveways. Buyers walk through the front entryway, so make sure it appears friendly and welcoming by cleaning off the door and surrounding area of cobwebs and dust, as well as adding a pop of color with a pot of flowers.

Next, stage the home’s interior. Start with the kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom, and living room, as these areas have the highest impact on buyers. Allow plenty of natural light to enter the room by opening blinds and curtains, and make sure all light bulbs are functional. Take down any personal items like family photos or statement pieces of décor, and make sure rooms aren’t over-furnished. A staged home makes for better professional photos for listing your home, as the story element will attract buyers to the property.

Ready to list your New York home?

With this five-point checklist, you’re ready to list your Port Washington or Sands Point real estate. If you need help getting started with selling your home, contact local agent Maggie Keats to guide you through the process.

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