What Season is Best for Selling Your Home on Long Island's North Shore?

What Season is Best for Selling Your Home on Long Island's North Shore?

  • Maggie Keats
  • 09/19/22

Sometimes, you may not have a choice about when you put your North Shore home on the market. Maybe you're preparing for a fast move for a job, or you need to move to a larger property as soon as possible. In other cases, however, the decision to move is one that you may have thought about for a longer time. You may want to maximize the value you can get for your home, and you want to make sure that you put it on the market at just the right time.

Just when is the best season for selling your home on Long Island's North Shore?

What is the best season for selling a property on Long Island's North Shore?

In general, late spring and early summer are the best time of year to sell a house across the country, including on Long Island. Home sales tend to be best in New York when you put them up for sale around the first week of April. However, sales may run high throughout the spring and early summer months. In June and July, homes that were on the North Shore real estate market in April and May have already sold, making way for other properties. As a result, the summer months could also be a great time to put your property on the market.

Why are late spring and early summer the best time to sell a property in North Shore?

There are several reasons why you may find it easier to sell a property listed in spring or early summer. The North Shore, NY real estate market is often bustling and busy. However, during the late spring and early summer, you'll be more likely to get the best price for your property and, in many cases, the fastest sale.

1. Many people prefer to move over the summer due to school schedules.

For some families, the decision regarding when to move is out of their hands. A parent's job, for example, may dictate when the family needs to make a move.

Families that have a choice, on the other hand, often prefer to move over the summer. A summer move means that kids will get started at a new school at the beginning of the school year, which may be more comfortable for them, in general. Furthermore, a summer move may mean less stress, since parents won't have to worry about juggling kids' school schedules on top of their other needs. As a result, many families will start looking at North Shore, NY single-family homes during the late spring months so that they can feel confident that they will find a property and be ready to move in over the summer.

2. During the spring, buyers are eager to check out properties.

As the winter chill falls away, many families are ready to get out and check out potential properties. With more pleasant weather outside, many people are ready to get out and start exploring. Spring is often the perfect time to start a new adventure, including a new adventure as a homeowner. As a result, more people are interested in checking out properties that have been placed on the market. Often, buyers aren't as interested in getting out and checking out potential properties during the winter, when it's cold and uncomfortable outside; and as the summer heat sets in, buyers may be less likely to enjoy checking out everything that a property has to offer.

When buyers are busily checking out properties, they're more likely to make offers on your North Shore property. As a result, you'll potentially get the best sale price, especially if you get multiple offers from interested buyers. Multiple offers can help drive up those bids and provide you with a better selling price. You can also choose the best buyer for your needs.

3. North Shore, NY beach houses may be shown in their best light during the spring and summer.

Spring and summer are the best times of year to live on the beach. During the spring and summer, many potential buyers are able to see the best beachfront living in North Shore. They can enjoy the breeze coming in off the ocean and the gorgeous views as well as dipping their toes in the water or exploring more of what the area has to offer. Not only that, during the spring and summer, flowers are blooming, there's more greenery available, and yards will look their best, which can help increase the curb appeal of properties for sale across North Shore.

When should you list your North Shore home for sale?

If you're lucky enough to choose when you want to put your property on the market, there are several factors you may want to take into consideration.

1. When do you intend to move?

If you're currently living in your North Shore property, and you're getting ready to move to a new location, start by considering your timeline. Do you intend to buy and sell at the same time, or do you want to sell your current property, live in a short-term rental, and then make a home purchase? Do you need to sell the property within a specific timeframe because of your current needs? If you have a tight timeline for your move, you may want to put your property on the market as soon as possible, regardless of when the best season to sell your property might be.

2. Is your property located in a high-demand part of the community?

If you have a high-demand property, you may be able to list it at any time. If you don't have a specific timeline that you need to adhere to, you can put your property on the market when it's most convenient for you or offers the best possible advantages, including a high likelihood of a better selling price. An experienced North Shore real estate agent can help you learn more about whether your property is in a high-demand area and how likely it is that the property will sell quickly.

3. Is your property ready to go on the market?

Before you sell your property, you may want to make a few basic improvements to it, fixing up anything that might put off potential buyers and making sure that the property looks its best. You might want to freshen up the paint, fix up the roof, or update outdated appliances that have needed your attention for some time. If the property isn't ready to go on the market in spring, you may want to take the time to finish fixing it up before you put it on the market. Taking care of any needed repairs and upgrades could ultimately help you make more from the property than pushing it on the market as fast as possible.

4. Are you financially ready to sell your home?

Sometimes, your finances may dictate when you need to put the property on the market. If you've found the perfect property for your future needs, you may need to go ahead and sell, even if it isn't the ideal time to put your current property on the market. You should also consider whether you are financially ready to move. If you don't have extra funds set aside for moving costs, including closing costs on a new property, you may not yet be ready to put your property on the market. It can be particularly important to make sure that you're financially prepared if you'll be making a big move to another area, since you may need to make sure you have plenty of funds on hand.

5. Are you noticing other homes for sale in your neighborhood?

In some cases, paying attention to the other homes for sale in your neighborhood can give you vital cues about putting your property on the market. For example, knowing that the house next door is on the market can provide you with essential pricing information about yours. You may also want to go ahead and get your home on the market as others go up for sale so that interested buyers will be pulled to the area, where they can check out multiple available properties at the same time.

Are you ready to put your North Shore property on the market?

If you're getting ready to sell a North Shore property, having a real estate agent on your side can make the process flow much more smoothly. Contact real estate agent Maggie Keats to learn more about the best time to sell your home, how to stage it and put it on the market, and how you can maximize its value so that you can get the best selling price.

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