A Guide to Port Washington Parks

A Guide to Port Washington Parks

  • Maggie Keats
  • 09/7/23

Nestled on the northern shore of Long Island, Port Washington is a gem, best known for its marinas, picturesque Main Street, and, of course, its beautiful parks. From serene waterfront vistas to playground-packed green spaces, these parks offer a little something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a spot for a weekend picnic, a quiet place for reflection, or a challenging trail to jog, the Port Washington parks are calling.

Fast Facts about Parks

While parks are typically known for their aesthetic appeal and recreational opportunities, their benefits extend far beyond leisure.
  • Parks serve as the perfect backdrop for an active lifestyle by encouraging regular physical activity, improving overall well-being, and subsequently lowering healthcare costs.

  • Parks also work as economic catalysts for local communities. They attract residents and businesses alike, resulting in increased revenue and creating new job opportunities.

  • As our climate changes, the role of parks in city planning becomes more critical. Parks, when thoughtfully integrated into infrastructure plans, can assist in managing stormwater and mitigating flooding, thereby saving on city maintenance costs.

  • Parks can serve as a community hub, encouraging residents to participate in park design and upkeep fostering a sense of community. This engagement often leads to more support for park projects and can reduce unwanted activities in the area.

  • Last but not least, parks play a crucial role in keeping our environment healthy. The trees in parks act as natural air purifiers, filtering out toxins and cooling down the urban landscape. This contributes to improved air quality and overall public health.

Best Parks Near Port Washington

The Sands Point Preserve Conservancy

The Sands Point Preserve Conservancy is a stunning nature preserve and is a haven for history lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. With its historic mansions, 200 acres of hiking trails, a freshwater pond, and a beautiful beach overlooking the Long Island Sound, the conservancy provides a serene and stimulating environment for exploration and relaxation.

Morgan Memorial Park

Situated atop the Glen Cove Cliffs, Morgan Memorial Park offers splendid views of Hempstead Harbor. Its lush green lawns, vibrant flower gardens, stunning sunsets and tranquil waterfall create a peaceful retreat for visitors. Plus, the park's amphitheater is often host to various community events and concerts.

Welwyn Preserve County Park

Once a private estate, Welwyn Preserve County Park now offers 204 acres of woodland, tidal wetlands, and a rare salt marsh. Its four marked nature trails lead visitors through diverse habitats, making it a paradise for bird-watchers and nature lovers. The preserve is also home to the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County, a must-visit for a moving and educational experience.

Christopher Morley Park

Named after the famous journalist and author, Christopher Morley Park covers 98 acres and offers various recreational activities. From its swimming pool, tennis courts, and ice-skating rink to nature trails and a large dog park, there's something for every member of the family to enjoy.

Bar Beach Park

Bar Beach Park is a fantastic location for a family day out, with a wide sandy beach, picnic areas, and a playground for the little ones. The park also boasts excellent fishing spots and hosts various community events throughout the year.

Kings Point Park

Kings Point Park covers a sprawling 175 acres of natural woodland and walking trails. With its winding paths, abundant wildlife, and stunning seasonal foliage, it's a beautiful place for a leisurely stroll or a rigorous hike. With athletic facilities and multiple playgrounds, it’s the perfect place get active outside.

Hempstead Harbor Park & Beach

This popular waterfront park is a favorite among locals for picnics, fishing, and birdwatching. With a broad sandy beach and plenty of green space, Hempstead Harbor Park & Beach is a delightful place for relaxation and outdoor activities. From boating to barbecuing, it’s and ideal place to make the most of those warm summer months!

Old Westbury Gardens

Old Westbury Gardens is a magnificent showcase of a historic mansion set within 200 acres of formal gardens, landscaped grounds, woodlands, and ponds. It's a place where visitors can appreciate the harmony of nature and human creativity. The gardens also host various seasonal events, tours, and educational programs.

Steppingstone Park

Located on the scenic Manhasset Bay, Steppingstone Park offers fantastic waterfront views, picnic areas, and a marina. The park is also home to an outdoor concert stage, which features various performances throughout the summer months.

Crocheron Park

Crocheron Park is an urban oasis with a wide range of amenities for outdoor enthusiasts. It features a lake, sports fields, a playground, and fitness equipment. The park is also known for its stunning views of Little Neck Bay, making it an excellent place for recreation and relaxation.

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